Parking in UK made simple with real-time assistance

Find available parking spots in any neighbourhood in the UK

Parking spaces are everywhere, we just need to know how to find them. Parkrobo is here to solve this issue. Simply by choosing a destination it helps you find a parking space and informs you about the availability immediately. It is also cost effective as it happens to be cheaper than traditional parking rates.


Search for the available parking spots near your destination


Choose one among the many available parking spots, that is suitable for you


Hit Directions and Park at your chosen place


We have all experienced the stress of not finding a suitable parking spot even after making reservations when we travel to places we are new to or even in our home cities itself. Despite there being parking spaces everywhere, literally, we have often had to face this issue. We here at Parkrobo are people who got together to try and find a solution to utilise the full potential of this unorganised sector of service.

There are lots of empty parking lots, private garages, home garages, secure parking spaces, storage units etc. that people are willing to let. This is beneficial to daily commuters looking for parking spaces for cheap prices as well as people who want to use a parking space for 6 months and need it to be secure with cameras. It is beneficial to the owners of the parking spaces as they get to make a substantial amount of money out of previously unproductive space. It is cheap for the drivers as it is comparatively very pocket friendly as opposed to normal parking charges. Parkrobo will help you save fuel and time and a lot of stress. If our project is effective then the irony will come to an end; people will no longer keep driving to park.

To solve this problem, all you need to do is

  1. Download and install ParkRobo App
  2. Find parking lots near your destination
  3. Identify the available parking places through color codes (Green=YES, Amber=MAYBE, Red=NO and Grey - We're working to get live data for the Parking lot )
  4. Choose a favourable spot and hit GO for directions.
*Choose the parking spots based on the price infomation as well.

Data Sources:

  • Open data UK
  • Open Data Nottingham
  • Live data for parking spot availability in the neighbourhoods of